Which Snow Blower??

Which Snow Blower??

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If you live in an area that usually gets snow during the winter months, a snow blower is a fantastic tool to have. It can save you so much time and effort, after all, no one enjoys shoveling snow!

Before you go ahead and buy a certain model, it is important you know what type of snow blower is right for you. Be sure to read some snow blowers reviews. The information you read will ensure you are making the correct decision.

There are various types of snow blower available on the market. Below you can read about the different models available.

Types of snow blowers

  • Hand held electric power shovel.
  • Single stage electric walk behind snow thrower.
  • Single stage gas powered walk behind snow thrower
  • Two-stage gas-powered walk behind snow blower
  • Lawn tractor mounted snow blower.

Power Shovels

If you generally have light snow fall, and the area surrounding your property is flat, a power shovel is a great choice.

  • For areas with light snowfall and small areas such as walkways, small drives and patios.
  • Lightweight units that you push along.
  • Easy to handle and clear snow quickly.
  • Some models can be used as power brooms during summer months.
  • Better suited to level surfaces.
  • Will clear up to 6” snow depth.

Single Stage Electric Snow Blower 

If you have a fairly small area, again this type of snow blower is perfect for you. Because it is electric, it doesn’t need fuel and it doesn’t require any engine maintenance whatsoever. They are a manageable size and not too heavy. Compared to some models, they are incredibly quiet. It is worth noting that these machines are not suitable for removing snow that is on inclined areas, or if the snowfall exceeds 4 inches. Because its auger can touch the ground, they cannot be used on gravel driveways. Brilliant on flat areas with a shallow snowfall. 

Single stage gas snow blower 

Because these snow blowers are powered by gas, they are naturally more powerful than the electric models. You will not have to worry about starting it in cold weather because most models have an electric starter.

They are perfect for medium to large areas. Compared to 4inch capacity of the single stage electric snow blower, this machine can handle the snowfall of up to 9 inches, but only freshly settled fluffy snow. They are not suitable if the snow is wet or if you have had a heavy fall.

Two Stage Gas Snow Blower 

These are the most powerful models available. Unlike the other models, you can use these on inclined land, gravel or wet snow.

They are more expensive, but they are far more powerful and have hardly any restrictions. They can be large and heavy, so be sure you are physically able to manoeuvre the machine.

This is certainly the best snow blower you can get. If you are used to heavy snow, this has to be the type of snow blower you choose.


As you can see, there are plenty of different machines you can buy to move your unwanted snow. Just be sure that you require all of the power that some models offer. There really is no point in paying the extra money if you only get a few inches of snow a year.



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