The Whys and Wherefores of Infrared Heaters

The Whys and Wherefores of Infrared Heaters

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Space heatersSpace heaters, no not outer space, the space in your home, that space!

Think of the heat from the sun but in the winter.

Space heaters are for heating your room; if the room is not too large then this type of heater is ideal.

An infrared space heater is going to cost less than conventional gas heating or other traditional electric heaters.  They are safer than any other type of extra heating as well, with the benefits of clean air and no dryness, for more specifications have a look at this great online comparison.

So even in the bedroom space infrared heaters can

  • Heat the room quickly
  • Penetrate the body up to one inch
  • Not suffocate you
  • Great for dust allergies
  • Use less energy
  • Stylish designs to fit in with bedroom decor
  • Not hot to the touch as nowadays they are encased and cool to touch


Patio OutdoorPatio heaters can make outdoor living a lot more fun. Whatever the occasion happens to be it is going to be much improved if it is not cold.  The heat from an outdoor patio infrared heating will not be blown away with the wind due to the nature of infrared rays.

Advantages are many;

  • Low energy cost
  • Long lasting heat lamp
  • Very quiet
  • No hazardous fumes
  • No harmful ultra violet radiation
  • Huge variety of shapes and sizes
  • Can be fuelled by propane (popular choice where there is no electrical socket)
  • Can be remote controlled
  • Some portable models can be wheeled around so very convenient
  • Versatile as they can be hung, mounted or freestanding


There may be some disadvantages

  • Other types of heaters may circulate the heat
  • So people can end up huddling together to feel the warm ray of infrared

Room heaters

Room heatersThis type of heater is becoming more in demand as central heating has become so expensive, both to install and run. They are efficient and have low running costs.

So a portable heater can be moved from room to room which will help to keep the warmth where you need it without running a boiler for the whole house.

  • Ideal for smaller homes and smaller families
  • Newer models are not hot to touch
  • They are easy to operate

Wherever you are in your home your infrared portable heater can go with you.

Garage heaters

Garage heatersInfrared is the obvious choice for heating a garage as they are safe and portable. Will only heat the space whilst you need it, when you switch it off, hey presto the heat is gone.

Which brings us on to infrared wall heaters

If you work in a large open space and need warmth infrared wall heaters are ideal

The advantages being

  • Space saving
  • Can be out of the way of children mounted high
  • Great for heating a large space where you may have to spend a lot of time

The disadvantages may be

  • They are heavy
  • They will need expert installation by a professional

Infrared in the bathroom

Great for this small space as infrared rays will heat whatever the rays touch so

  • Ideal for short burst of heat when you need it
  • No more misty mirrors
  • Can even be disguised as a mirror


  • Also heavy to install
  • Will also need professional installation (well worth the extra consideration to keep the smallest room warm and dry in winter)

Fireplace infrared

Fireplace infraredWow, how about that, a real focal point for the living room, a lifelike fireplace giving out infrared heat like the sun.

  • Lovely infrared heat designed to look like a real fireplace, keeping you as warm as toast, but don’t try using it to make toast!

Ceiling infrared

Ceiling infraredIs there anywhere you can’t use infrared?  No, infrared can be used anywhere you need heat.

Whilst a ceiling installation may be expensive it still costs less than a central heating system and is certainly less disruptive.

Advantages are;

  • One of the best uses of infrared heat, beaming the heat of the sun downwards
  • Ideal for a large open space
  • Great for saving space
  • No pipework
  • No fumes
  • No noise

Not forgetting;

  • Expert installation (ceiling panel heaters are heavy)

There really are very few disadvantages to using the wonderful spectrum of the invisible rays of the sun without the aging, burning ray that now you know, you will want to stay home when the winter draws in.



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