The Definitive Wedding Day Music Guide

The Definitive Wedding Day Music Guide

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From your ceremony to your very last dance, you need to make sure you keep your guests entertained at your wedding. Music is a big part of any wedding, and if you are already planning one, you need to know that there are some decisions to make regarding the kind of music for the whole event. The wedding is made up of various scenes that need particular music. Let us look at the different categories and how you can make each of them count whether you are planning a church or garden wedding.

The Walk Down The Aisle

You will need music to accompany your walk down the aisle. This comes in two parts – first, you have to choose music that you will walk down the aisle to and what the bridesmaids will dance to. You can opt for trendy music or go for classical music for this act. However, you can decide to come up with your custom tune. If you like a song, but you don’t like the lyrics; you can opt for the instrumental version of the same.

Cutting the Cake

Cutting the cake and giving your partner a piece is one of the highlights of any day. This is usually combined with a cocktail hour where the guests have a chance to take a break from the monotony of the event and relax a bit. Cutting the cake is usually a sweet part of the whole event. Go for an upbeat track that you know will set the mood and leave everyone relaxed and eager.

On the other hand, have low key music for the cocktail and refreshment hour. This is because you don’t want people to start dancing as yet – you want them to enjoy the music and return to their seats without much fuss.

The Exit

Also called the recessional, this is when you walk out of the venue, maybe to the awaiting car on the way to the reception. This is your big exit after a successful day; therefore you need to choose music that is upbeat because you are now more relaxed after taking your vows. It should be meaningful and reminiscent of the great moments that you have just enjoyed.

Tossing the Bouquet

This is a fun part of the wedding, and you need an upbeat song for it. You are going to command the undivided attention of the single ladies in the event, which requires you to go for a suitable song. The song should be fun and offer hope to the single ladies. The garter toss also follows the same rules.

Entering the Reception Area

The reception is usually the highlight of any evening and forms a grand exit from the wedding. Since you are the chief guest for the day, it is ideal to enter with style just the way you made a grand entrance to the wedding venue. The song marks your entrance, this time as a couple, to the venue. You will also have your wedding party with you. The music you choose ought to be celebratory, signaling a successful wedding.

Choose a song that sets the mood for the reception party. You can decide to have your wedding party march to a different song than the one you will march along to.

The First Dance

When the time for the first dance arrives, all the guests will sit back and wait for this moment. However, most couples struggle to find the best song for this moment. You might work with the musician offering wedding entertainment on that day to come up with the right music for this day. These musicians usually have a list of suitable songs that you can sample especially if you don’t have one for the day.

You need a song that is comfortable for both you and your partner to dance to. The song should also evoke memories years down the line. Apart from being a song to dance to as you look into your partner’s eyes, it should help to create a bond between the two of you.

Father and Daughter Dance

After the first dance, the father of the bride traditionally takes a spin with the daughter on the dance floor. You can take this to be a personal affair or follow the traditional dictates for such a ceremony.

Not to let the groom remain bored, you can have another session for him to dance with his mother. You can use the same song for both scenes or choose a different song for each part.

Reception Music

The musician will play music from the start to the end of the reception to set the mood. The major breaks will be the time for toasting the couple and the special dances. The master of the ceremony will control the way the music flows.

Choose music that everyone at the reception will enjoy. One of the ways to choose the right type of music is to consult with the musician. Since the reception will have guests from all backgrounds and ages, it is imperative that you come up with a playlist that will satisfy the entertainment needs of everyone.

Final Words

This is the most important day of your life, which requires you to make it happen. For one, you need to keep your guests entertained and wowed while having the right music for the various parts of the wedding. Make sure you work with the wedding entertainer in Nottinghamshire to come up with the perfect playlist for this day.



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