My Life as a Bellboy

My Life as a Bellboy

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I work as a bellboy in a hotel, and I have to say, it’s one of the more demanding jobs I’ve ever found myself getting into. This article will take you through one of my days, and you’ll finally be able to see what I mean. Hotels are constantly bringing in new guests, every single day there’s going to be a brand new face for you to get used to. The amount of people I meet on a daily basis is pretty intriguing, actually. If this were Hollywood, I feel like I would have had a part or two already (I don’t know if those movies would be mainstream or not, although something tells me they probably wouldn’t). You would think being a bellboy is one of the easiest jobs known to mankind, right? That’s what I thought at first, that is, until I actually started to get into the groove of things. There are certain pet peeves that can annoy you at work, you’ve probably got a few for yourself. If you work in an office setting, it might be nothing more than loud typing from the cubicle behind you. It’s always going to vary when it comes to these pet peeves, as we all have different roles at different jobs.

bell-boy-captain-hotelI feel like the hotel I work at really doesn’t take staffing seriously, as I’m always being called upon to play the maintenance man. I took a few courses back in the day when it came to repairing thermostats and air conditioners (H/VAC certification has never felt so nice – now I’m a bellboy, isn’t that ironic?). I always tell the hotel that they should be using the Thermostat Center favorite, as it’s probably not going to need any sort of maintenance for at least a year or so, but they never listen to what I’ve got to say. I don’t want you to read this entire article thinking I still work there, so I’ll have you know that I quit about two (or was it three?) years ago.

I wish it were all candies and roses, and I wish that bellboys were constantly being hit on by some of the most attractive residents of the hotel. Sadly, that’s not how things worked out for me. As a matter of fact, I feel like I lost a few cool points from working there.

Tips, Please? 

e63958eb6ecd45c31fca9e7cf24596d8.270x285x1Getting tips was one of the most awkward parts about being a bellboy, as not everybody was going to tip me. I needed to ask every single time, as I wasn’t making the best wage possible. A bellboy essentially makes a living through tips, because when you’re helping so many different people every single day, odds are you’re going to get a great tip or two. I don’t know if it’s the hotel I worked at, but the tips were absolutely atrocious. I can’t recall getting more than a $5 tip on any occasion, but that was like striking gold to me. It took me about three years to realize that things weren’t getting any better, and I probably wasn’t going to get promoted, so I needed to make a change. I needed to try and accomplish something for myself as opposed to accomplishing stuff for other people.

All I ever did was carry heavy bags filled with junk to the top floor of the hotel – only to be blessed with a $0.50 tip. Seriously, an old woman gave me two quarters one time, I wanted to scream and laugh at the exact same moment. Believe me, being a bellboy is tough work, so don’t take them for granted. The next time you’re in a hotel, give them a tip. Don’t be that guy – try and make someone else’s day a little bit better!

Moving On

new_product_10Leaving the job as a bellboy was optimal for me, because I was getting older and needed a serious career. I had been applying for a managerial role at many different hotels, and I finally landed an interview at the local Holiday Inn. It wasn’t a luxurious hotel by any means, but it was a job. I put in my 2-week resignation and smiled for the last few shifts I had of being a bellboy, mainly because I knew these were the last few days of dealing with peoples nonsense.

Now, I’m completely happy with my job (finally). I would never become a bellboy again, though, and I wouldn’t recommend anybody else to either



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