Instagram Tricks Used by Top Brands

Instagram Tricks Used by Top Brands

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Every day, more than 100 million images get shared on Instagram by the more than 800 million active Instagram users. The popularity of the platform has shifted from editorial content and now more and more brands are leaning towards the use of visuals. As technology improves and attention spans go down, users are looking for content that they can relate to in the shortest period possible.

Today we want to look at content tricks that major brands use, and how you can also leverage them the right way to grow your business account.

Sharing an Experience

Each day users spend a lot of time to scroll through Instagram feeds. They aren’t really looking for pictures of products because they can get this on your website. Instead, they are seeking for compelling visual experiences that will grab their thoughts.

So, instead of sharing product images that are just all over the internet, you need to take time and share experiences. These users are looking for what you do and how you do it to get the product that they love so well.

The secret is therefore to prioritize your experience over the product at all times. Instead of posting images of your products, try and go behind the scenes and show the followers what you go through to get the product to them. This will make them sit up and notice, and will make sure they follow you for some more expose.

Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience isn’t something you will do in a day or week – it takes time. The audience refers to the people that follow your profile each day. These are those people that share your content and refer other people to your profile with the aim of making them follow you.

Instead of throwing your content out with the “let them like it or not” attitude, you also need to give them content that you know relates to them in one way or another. Some users just throw information out without any basis.

The only way you can captivate your audience is to make sure you give them what they are looking for. This way you have the power to reach a specific kind of group which is better than throwing content among the masses and hoping that it sticks.

If you plan to market your products, you need to know what the audience wants and then offer it to them.

One of the ways to attract just the right audience is to have a few that are in the specific niche. You can do this by buying followers that belong to a specific niche and making them like and engage on content that you have posted. Doing this makes sure they attract other followers in the same niche through sharing your content and getting into conversations with other users.

To achieve this, you need to make sure you have a follower base that is relevant to the niche and that is active. Fred says you can buy real followers the easy way by following a few tips.

Appeal to Emotion

Premium content helps you engage users in various ways. It helps you to post incredible photos that can appeal to the emotions of the users. When you grab the attention of the users you end up retaining them for longer, which is one of the best ways to make the account active.

Final Words

Take time to understand what major successful brands do on Instagram not only to survive but to stay ahead. Armed with these tricks, you will soon see a difference in the way you engage with your audience, regardless of whether you are a small or large business.



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