How to Select Good Lego Listings

How to Select Good Lego Listings

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LEGO games have taken the world by storm, and this has made some scrupulous sellers keen on making a quick sale come up with ways to defraud you of your money. They sell fake Legos or do not deliver the order at all.

When buying LEGO pieces, it is recommended that you get a genuine piece; otherwise you are throwing the money down the drain.

Additionally, you might end up with a stolen item that might bring problems later on.

Additionally, you can end up with an item that is not in the condition that you expected as per the description. This is why you need to be careful when you go for a Lego piece online. Here are various tips for selecting good listings as well as good sellers for Lego merchandise.

Beware of Imitations

A friend who thought he had the best deal was surprised when the item he ordered turned out to be an imitation of a popular piece. There are thousands of knockoff minifigs on the market, and they look exactly like the authentic pieces from the manufacturer.

One of the easiest ways to know if a minifigs is authentic is to check out the title. Many sellers do not include the word LEGO in the title with the fear of being found out by the manufacturer and brought to book.

Other signs that you are dealing with an imitation is that the Lego piece is too cheap to be true. The seller might offer you a set of minifigs that retail at over 50 dollars at a paltry 10 dollars. When you see this, there is a huge problem.

Additionally, take time to read the feedback left behind by other buyers, you will most definitely find a few buyers that have left negative comments on the same.

Therefore, if it is too good to be true, then it probably is.

Go Slow on Bulk or Unsorted Purchases

While there are many stores that sell Lego in bulk or by pound lots, you need to be very careful when you decide to tread this route. You will definitely get into the purchases half blind, because you do not know what is contained in the collection.

Clean, sorted pieces tell you that the seller took time to organize the pieces before letting them out. A clean list gets you bonus points. It also tells you that the seller is organized and cares about the whole hobby.

Some of the listings show the items in the package, but you need to take time to read the descriptions carefully. Proceed with caution in this instance, and take time to read the description of the items carefully. The description needs to tell you what the piece is, from the colour to the size to the type. If most of the information is missing, then you need to move to the next store.

The listing for unsorted pieces needs to be such that it shows you the various types of pieces you expect. It is cool if you can get some pictures of the pieces as well, so that you can compare the items to the listing at the end of it all. Ask the seller if the pieces are clean and if the package contains items that do not relate to Lego at all.

Watch Out for Stolen Sets

At times, stolen Lego sets end up on these stores and buyers need to avoid them at all costs. The red flag for such sets is when the seller tries to discount a genuine set so much that you wonder why he is doing so. Remember that the most valuable sets are rarely discounted to more than 10 percent.  This might mean that the seller is quick to dispose off the set so that he does not have it in his possession due to the guilt, or he just wants to make a quick buck out of the sale.

What You Need to Do

You need to buy your sets from reputable stores and credible sellers such as Lego Ways only. Doing this shields you from bad purchases and losses. Take time to check out each seller before making the perfect purchase. Additionally, take time to read the testimonials that are left behind by previous buyers.



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