How to have the Coolest Patio with the most Ambient Temperature all year Round!

How to have the Coolest Patio with the most Ambient Temperature all year Round!

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What was that?  Cool patio ideas, with a little extra investment you can be the envy of your neighbourhood with so many outdoor products now, you can live outside twelve months a year unless you happen to live in Antarctica.

Virtually every comfort you have in your home can now be brought outdoors with a little thought and a credit card!

Now available for outdoor use, 1) versatile seating, 2) outdoor T.V. 3) outdoor fridge 4) outdoor ice maker 5) outdoor heating 6) some plants or even a vegetable tub! 7) Canopy 8) barbecue or outdoor grill

So what’s missing, you could even get a hammock for very lazy lounging, but keep the beds indoors.

For number 1 Versatile Seating

Consider plastic, wood, wicker or even a wooden bench with some scatter cushions and pillows, a throw or a pretty rug

For number 2 outdoor T.V.

Some will even worth your Wi-Fi network, with anti-glare screens for outdoors

For number 3 Fridge

A portable fridge so there is no need to go inside, or even consider a kegerator for keeping beer cold!

For number 4 Ice maker

A good quality ice maker can be kept outside all year round 

Number 5 outdoor heating

If you are outdoors you could build a fire pit, for closer to home consider a patio heated, table top or wall-mounted, propane or electric, even a space heater would work well on the patio if you have an electrical socket and you can use it indoors as well, for the best patio heater in 2015 click here.

Number 6 Vegetable tub

Check your local guide for planting seasonal vegetables; your local garden centre will be able to provide you with a variety of tubs and bags of advice as well

Number 7 A canopy

Look for a stylish canvas canopy or other type of temporary cover if your patio is completely open

Number 8 Lighting

Tiki style (Polynesian) lighting looks fabulous and is purpose lighting for outdoors or consider some outdoor candles, gaslight; propane fueled light may be convenient.

Keeping warm is going to be the most important factor for outdoor living, the prices vary as do the sizes and output.  A table top heater would be really good if you do not need too much heat and good for a more intimate setting.

Free-standing heaters are better for giving heat over a wider space, being compact and narrow they can fit into the smallest of spaces as well. A good quality free-standing heater will have a safe base, a nice tall pole, a good infrared heat source and a reflector to help circulate the heat.

Wall mounted heaters will come with necessary brackets and adjustable vents so you can direct the heat to the direction you want.  Wall mounted are good space saving heaters and will need electricity.

Once last thing, when it is all set up don’t forget my invitation!



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