How To Design an Exotic Room

How To Design an Exotic Room

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As seasons come and go, there are a few trends that catch our eye. If you are one of the people that don’t fear to splash a little, you don’t need to be afraid of a little luxury in your home. While simplicity is still the order of the day, you can still run rampant with some style. You can enjoy the comfort that precious metals, exotic accessories and other items in your home.

If you hate your home with all the safe neutral colours, then it is time to run your tastes towards the exotic direction. This is easier especially with the rise of the internet and other kinds of technology that allow you to shop for items globally. You can now get the original items you need without having to travel the world – it is all at the tap of a button.

But how do you come up with an exotic style without involving an expert?

Come Up With an Overall Look

An exotic look comes in different styles, each having its own accessories and colours. For instance, you might go for an oriental style and stick to it, or decide to blend two kinds of styles together. The style you choose should have a base for the final look.

The best way to have a consistent theme is to choose an exotic look from a specific country.

Choose a Color Scheme

The colour scheme helps complete the overall look that you choose. Each look lends itself to a specific colour scheme or it uses a range of colours. For instance, a Japanese oriental look makes use of a lot of dark wood furniture and dark colours. An exotic Indian look uses bright colours including orange and fuchsia.  A Moroccan scheme will adopt earthy colours with a touch of light blue.

You can play with the colours around the room to get the perfect mix. Apply these colours on the wallpaper, carpets, flooring and the curtains. The furniture should also work together with the scheme to give you what you need.

To make sure you don’t overdo it, go for single-colour elements for a minimalistic yet complete look.

Shop for Items

This is the time you get the accessories that spice up the home and make the look complete. For instance, if you go for an oriental look, go for the accessories you need from a site such as, which gives you all the accessories you need to nail the look.

When looking for accessories to spice up the home, select pieces that act as the backbone of the look and make sure other items just keep up with the items. You can use Mongolian fur pillows to adorn the seats so that you create a serene feel. You need to have at least four unique items to get the look you desire.

In Closing

You can achieve a particular exotic look by following a few steps. Take time to come up with the overall look, and then choose the colours you desire. The final step is to shop for accessories to accentuate the look.



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