How I ended up drinking beer in front of an air compressor by playing truth or dare

How I ended up drinking beer in front of an air compressor by playing truth or dare

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af0acda378fd94b4a9c488894f5e96b6Have you ever had one of those crazy idea where you wanted to do something that you only see in videos on YouTube and it sounds crazy, it is crazy and it’s potentially very dangerous? Well, if you’re like me and you were always the type to do crazy stuff in order to make your friends laugh or maybe to impress some girl you really like, then you probably thought about drinking beer in front of an air compressor. I mean, compared to jumping off a cliff without a parachute and seeing if you actually survive the fall like one of my friends did way back in 2006 and ended up spending 30 days in the ICU, this is child’s play. Let me tell you how I got about doing this.

Truth or Dare

af12-air-compressorMe and my friend Mike along with a few high school friends (including some really pretty girls) were playing Truth or Dare and we wanted to make this Truth or Dare a little different from the ones that we used to play until then. So we agreed that if we are to dare someone, we are going to dare them to do something really crazy. Well, who do you think got to be dared by his best friend, Mike? None other than me.

He dared me drink beer in front of an air compressor that his father stored in the shed. When everyone heard what he dared me to do, you can imagine how they all started laughing, but I kept thinking how the heck am I going to drink that beer without it getting in my face (the can I mean) and maybe break my nose or something. Well, I already had a few beers on board if you know what I mean, so I decided to do it. You know, alcohol can make you do stuff.

This is where it gets interesting

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASo what I did was take my shirt off and then proceeded with everyone towards Mike’s shed. I felt like I was one of those human sacrifices that you see in movies or cartoons where you’re taken on the lip of a volcano and then you’re thrown into the molten lava to please some dubious god.

So we arrive in the shed and he gives me a can of beer, I open it and then he turns on the industrial air compressor. Initially, I thought “hey, this is easier than it looks” even though the air was blowing in my face quite strongly. But when I actually wanted to take a sip from the beer, Mike turned the air pressure all the way to the max and all that beer got on my face.

The change in air pressure was so sudden and powerful, that I also punched my (big) nose and landed face up on the ground. Everyone started laughing and all I could think about was how I was made to look like an idiot in front of those hot girls. Well, that’s life I guess and I took that as a lesson to never get tipsy again and accept playing Truth or Dare with weird punishments.

Drinking beer in front of an air compressor is certainly not something I’d ever see myself doing again in the near future. Make that never.



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