How Do Air Compressors Work?

How Do Air Compressors Work?

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compressor_02I use air compressors in my home and in a small workshop that I own in a local business center. For many years, I have had to consult repair men to diagnose and repair my air compressors. Obviously it was a costly affair having to hire professionals to do the work for me. Since I love to fix my stuff on my own, I thought it was better to learn how air compressors work in order to diagnose and possibly repair any damages that may interfere with their function.

I wish to share my knowledge to help individuals interested to acquire the necessary knowledge to know why their air compressors do not work and how to repair such damages. First, I came to understand that these devices consist of two vital parts/components: the mechanism of compression and a power source. I also learned of three different categories of air compressors including rotatory air compressor, piston (reciprocating) air compressor and centrifugal air compressor.

So How Do Air Compressors Work?

air-supplyFrom what I learned, all the three air compressors types discussed above use a common principle to compress air. They compact free or atmospheric air that is then utilized as needed. Once plugged into a power source and turned on, the device motor starts to run. Atmospheric air is drawn in through a valve. Aditional air is then pulled in a smallspace automatically by vane, piston or impeller depending on the specific type of air compressor.

In the case of reciprocating type, a piston compresses the air and stores it in a tank. In rotary air compressors, who helical rotating mated bolts air utilized instead of a piston. The last type of air compressor (the centrifugal type) uses high-speed spinning impeller to increase the velocity/speed of air. This air is then channeled towards a diffuser capable of converting the speed of air into force. Because of the quantity of air that is packed in the device’s reservoir, the air pressure in the tank is automatically raised.

illu_2-0NY bredIn the simplest terms, I learned that air compressors pack together free or atmospheric air after lowering its volume and raising its force at the same time. Most multi-functional air compressors feature for setting control in the handle which can be maneuvered depending on the requirement of the user or operator.

The operation of these devices is completely automated. In case the force setting reaches the highest force in the receiver or tank, the pressure button automatically blocks the intake of more air into the compressor. Once the compacted air is used, the pressure level in the reservoir falls and the force plummets to low down setting. This switches the force button on to permit the intake of more atmospheric air.

Bottom line

I believe you have been educated if you were asking how do air compressors work. Now I am sure I have the necessary knowledge to repair my air compressors on my own except in serious damages that require replacement of parts or complete overhaul of the device. The mechanism is not as complex as most people may think.



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