How to Fix a Burst Water Main and Preventive Measures to Be Taken

How to Fix a Burst Water Main and Preventive Measures to Be Taken

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A burst water main can result in serious damage to electrical wiring in your home and building structure. It is important to take action as soon as you realize a burst main. If you have no idea about what to do, it is best to call an emergency plumbing service provider like Hamblin Water Mains, who can be in your house in no time to fix the problem.

How to deal with a burst main?

Fix a Burst WaterIf you suspect a burst pipe in your home, you can follow some easy steps that will allow you to get things back to normal in no time. Firstly, turn off your water system from where the pipe enters your house and drain all the remaining water inside it by opening all the taps of your house in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Then, switch off all the water heating systems in your house, be it central heating or immersion heating. Once that is closed, drain all the hot taps by opening them. If you see that the water is leaking near your wiring, it is best to switch off the electricity of your house till the plumber arrives. If you see that the mains switch is somewhat wet, avoid touching it. Immediately call  a professional plumber to repair the burst water main.

How to prevent mains from bursting again?

kibosh1There are a few things that you can that will prevent the main from bursting again. Make sure that you insulate your loft properly. The loft should be kept warm during winters. All water supply pipes should be insulated. If you are going away for a few days, shut off  the water system and drain the pipes before leaving. Hire a good plumbing company to do regular maintenance of your pipelines so that any problem is detected at an earlier stage and fixed before the problem becomes much bigger.

If you are an expert in DIY, you may attempt to do the job yourself. But , if you have no idea about mains and pipes, it is best to hire professionals to do the job for you. They are more knowledgeable and equipped to diagnose the cause of burst water main and will be able to help you out by going to the root of the problem, so that you do not have to bother yourself with such problem  again in the future.



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