Fire Hydrants – Safety Inspection For Better Performance

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Fire hydrants are extremely helpful in an event of fire and are located at strategic positions, so that it can be productive in containing fire through active pressure based water supply in an event of fire. The inspection of fire hydrants is extremely important from time to time to ensure that the fire hydrant is functional and would be effective, when needed. The system of fire hydrant has evolved with the advent of technology and the use of computers to make fire containing system, responsive and fast.  There are several measures used to inspect the fire hydrants, which are as follows –

  • fire hydrantOne of the most important methods of inspecting fire hydrants is the pressure testing method. This kind of testing is based on the design of the fire hydrant and its automated functioning of advanced sprinkler system.
  • Regular inspect for strength, force and capacity of the fire hydrant is necessary to ensure that the fire hydrant works effectively, when needed. The regular pressure needed to mention is around 20 psi. It ensures there is no contamination of the water supply through back flow and is the necessary pressure needed for fire fighting.
  • In case of large fire fighting engines that are incapable of using over 2,000 gallons of water, fire hydrants are a life saver. Thus, fire fighters rely on them in case there is a fire nearby. Thus, fire hydrant’s water pressure needs to be checked properly otherwise they will be of no help for the fire fighters during these emergency times. Controlled and properly working fire hydrants can only work during such situations.

Fire_Hydrant_10-257x300There are a number of instruments that are required to check if the fire hydrants are functioning properly or not. These includes hydrant flow checker, pressure gauge, telog test recorder and pitot pressure monitor. In order to start the inspection, you will first need to open the cap at the mouth of the hydrant. Then, you need to join it to the pressure gauge to test the pressure.

Then you can read the static pressure that is important for a good hydration flow. Properly kept fire hydrants can make a big difference if there is any fire nearby. It is also illiegal to park cars beside a fire hydrant. There is a minimum distance limit that needs to be met. The reason behind this is that it should be visible and accessible during any emergency situation.



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