College Student with needs!

College Student with needs!

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I recently started my long awaited college life. I had heard many crazy stories of drunken debauchery. I will get to the main story in a while, but first will tell you about a few stories some of my friends have encountered.

Turning friends into walking food seemed to be a running theme. Once turning a fellow student into a sandwich, a layer of bread beneath him, jam and peanut butter on top of him and then another layer of bread on top. Decorating sleeping friends with pizza on their face and shaving foam in his hands.

Something which some of the football students took to quite regularly was to run around the campus wearing mankini’s. As if the mankini debacle wasn’t enough, witnessing a muscular guy trying to get into a bin and failing miserably, whilst shouting, ‘I can’t fit this much protein into a bin’ kind of took the biscuit.

Being a young, single guy that was living away from my parents for the first time, albeit with complete strangers, plenty of drunken nights would await me, but some I remember for important reasons.

A few of my new friends and I decided that a night out was exactly what we needed. We decided to hit the local store to buy a huge amount of alcohol. We bought all sorts of liquor, wine and beer and took it back to our place. After the usual drinking games and childlike behaviour, we decided that hitting the town was our only option, the sensible option of staying home and studying didn’t cross any of our minds.

So drunken and rather loud by this point, we find a nightclub. Half of the club were new to college, like us. People all over the place drinking shooters, downing beer as fast as they could and with the inevitable paralytic idiots starting fights, then throwing up all over the floor, only to be carried home by a friend and woken the next morning being told what a jerk they had been the previous night.

I had managed to stay in a fairly sober state, I always enjoyed taking photos to use as evidence against my new friends (being at college was expensive and this became a good source of income ha ha). In my fairly sober state, I got talking to a few girls. I hit it off with one of them and we chatted all night, mainly about my amazing cooking skills, a few more drinks and a drunken kiss followed. We exchanged numbers and parted ways for the evening.

When I returned home I was greeted with 2 of my new friends lying on the floor, half naked and completely unable to walk. My best option at this point was to go to bed!

The next day was a regular one, recollecting vivid memories of the previous evening and mocking anyone we had the chance to. In the afternoon I received a text from the girl I met, she suggested meeting at my place to watch a few DVDs and grab something to eat, I immediately agreed.

It wasn’t for another hour until I realised that the only cooking facilities we had were a kettle and a small ring hob. How was I going to be able to cook anything without something more efficient than a kettle? and besides I had completely lied to her that I was a good cook…I needed help!

I decided the most cost effective way of producing something that I had personally cooked was to buy a toaster oven. I bought Black and Decker 4 slice toaster oven. Mainly because it could bake, broil, toast and warm all different kinds of food. It can cook up to a 9 inch pizza and looked really cool so it was an obvious choice. For more information click on the link, it will give you a detailed review on the toaster oven.

I decided to cook home made pizzas. This was something I had made as a kid and seemed an easy way of hiding the lies about my culinary skills. I managed to kick my friends out for the evening, and before long the girl arrived. We were both starving, so got to making the pizzas straightaway. It turns out that it was a great idea, she thought it was a real romantic thing to have done.

After a few drinks, a DVD and some food we again talked for hours. This time revealing about my harmless web of lies. She thought it was funny how I had managed to hide it all. A huge relief.

The next day my friends decided to use the leftover pizza to dress up another poor victim on yet another drunken night so they were happy.

The girl and I have been together for 7 years now and are expecting our first baby. Amazing what a few drinks, a toaster oven and DVD can lead to.



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