Choosing a Beard Style to Match Your Facial Structure

Choosing a Beard Style to Match Your Facial Structure

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Choosing a beard style to match your facial structure might seem like a daunting task. Everyone’s facial structure is unique, so what works on one man’s face might not be the best for yours. And there are almost endless possibilities for facial hair styles. But never fear, we’re going to break it down so you can find the best beard for your face!

There are seven facial types that we’ll discuss and most men will fit into one of these categories. And no matter what beard style you choose (with a couple exceptions), you’ll be able to keep some stubble outside your beard, on your cheeks and neck, for example. This will give you the rakish look that’s extremely popular right now. You know what I mean, the same look you’ll see on the guy gracing the most popular romance novels.


If you have an oblong face, you’ll do well to keep your beard trimmed short at the chin, because this will keep your face from looking even longer. Keep the sides fuller to add bulk to your face. A Mutton Chops beard works well for an oblong face and so does a Jawline beard. A La Souvarov beard will also work well. But don’t try for the Bandholz or Garibaldi beards.


There are a multitude of beard styles that work for a diamond-shaped face. You could try the Chin Strap, Fu Manchu, Balbo, or even a full beard. A Chin Strap or Ducktail beard are also appropriate. You can also try a Bandholz beard. And you can keep your beard length short, medium-length, or long, whatever you prefer! But a Circle beard might not be appropriate for those with a diamond-shaped face.


If you have a square face, you’ll want to keep your chin hair longer while shortening the hair on the sides of your beard. This will make your face look longer. For a square face, you can choose a goatee, a Garibaldi beard, mutton chops, or a Chin Strap. You can keep the hair length short, medium, or long, depending on your preference.


There are many options for beards on a heart-shaped face. These include the Van Dyke beard, the Balbo, a Fu Manchu, or a Ducktail beard. And the best thing is you can utilize all variations of hair stubble, short, medium, or long hair. You can also hide the heart-shaped face using the good old Mutton Chops. A heart-shaped face isn’t ideal for extreme beards like the Circle.


For a triangular face, you can use beards like the goatee to accentuate your chin. You can also opt for beard styles like the Van Dyke, an Old Dutch, the Balbo, or a full beard. These styles allow for short, medium, or long length stubble, too. A Circle beard should not be worn by those with a triangular face; the circle will appear to be skewed.


Since an oval face encompasses the other facial structures, most beard styles will work if you have an oval-shaped face. You could try a Chin Shadow, the Jawline, a long goatee, or even a Bandholz. Short, medium, or long stubble will all work well on an oval face. And extreme beards like the Circle Beard will make you stand out for sure!


For a round face, you’ll want to keep the hair shorter on the sides and longer at the chin. This will make your face appear to be longer and thinner than it is. A round face works well for a goatee, Circle beard, a Long Soul Patch, and short or medium stubble beards.

Maintaining Your Beard Look

Of course, all the styles mentioned above require some time to maintain. You’ll also need things like an electric shaver with a trimmer and sometimes a regular bladed razor. For more information on electric razors, you can visit this website and read through their reviews.

You need to find an electric razor that will work well for a long time, have easy maintenance, and come with replaceable blades (this will extend the life of your shaver). If your shaver doesn’t have a trimmer, you’ll want to grab a bladed razor to give you those sharply defined edges around your beard.

Other Beard Products

If you grow your beard to medium or long lengths, there are other beard products you can use. You should wash and condition a long beard daily. Plus, you can buy beard oil to help condition the hair and make it shine.

Everyone’s face is unique, so you might think it’s tough to find a beard style that matches your facial structure. But it’s not that hard! Each face shape has its own best beard styles, plus some you don’t want to use. There are almost endless possibilities to choose from. Look at the different beard styles and match them to your facial structure so you can find the perfect beard for you!



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