Basketball Tips: Learning How to Dunk!

Basketball Tips: Learning How to Dunk!

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I’ve been wanting to dunk ever since I was a boy, but I definitely didn’t have the height (nor the athletic ability) to actually get it done. I knew there was something I could do to make myself certain I would make the basketball team (I’m currently in college, and they’re holding try-outs next week), and I figured being able to dunk would work wonders for me. The coach was going to look for explosive players, regardless of their size; that’s why I made it my mission to be as explosive as possible! My best friend is actually the type of dude who is being scouted, he’s about 6’7 and he’s as explosive as they come. He always told me that I had to work on my game when it comes to the collegiate level, but I never believed him; I wish I had understood what he was talking about way earlier. Basketball is a sport that has become relatively popular, and it’s been the “go-to” sport of the United States for a very long time.

basketball tips (1)The NBA (National Basketball Association) is the dream of every single basketball player around, and many people who come from poverty make their way out of the slums through this sport. If you’re good enough, people will find you and pay you to play the game you love, and that’s the ultimate goal here. We always see the superstars of the league slamming down, and we ant to do all of those crazy dunks for ourselves. If anybody could do it, there would be no reason to draft specific players, as you would essentially be able to plug in anybody you’d like when it comes to the rotation. You may not be the best right now, but if you’re willing to work, you could easily make your way to the NBA Finals (within reason, of course!). The good news is that it isn’t the Super Bowl, so you don’t have to worry about any blackouts happening (they should’ve just headed over to that Home Improvement Guru page, they’ve got tons of portable generators for you to enjoy over there).

The Workout

Basketball TipsWorking out is essential if you want to have a stronger body, as a stronger body will promote the dunking that you’ve been looking to do. I’m going to talk about the different workouts you can use to improve the amount of “pop” you get when you’re jumping – as well as strengthen your body all around. When you’re dunking, you’re actually using more than just your legs, you’re using essentially everything and anything. Your core strength plays a large part in how well you’ll be able to jump as well. Think about it this way, the more muscle mass you have, the more lean you’re going to be (and that will translate into almost every single sport you could imagine).

I like to start my day off with a very heavy set of squats, and after that, I make sure that I get my calves worked out as well. Many people skip leg day at the gym, as they feel like it doesn’t add to their looks and such. If you want to have a functioning body-structure, you’ve got to incorporate leg day into your routine; there really is no other way to go about keeping yourself as strong as possible.

Squats are only the beginning, since I talked a little bit about the core, it’s important that you get your abdominal muscles are strong as possible. You can use things like crunches and weighted dips to keep the entirety of your core strong, but there are much more “intense” ways to go about doing it. Personally, I have a routine where I get into the plank position and hold it until I can’t hold it anymore. Once that point is reached, I put myself into a push-up position and bust out as many of those as I can. I like to call these sets “what are you doing-sets”, but they’re actually known as “super sets”. They’re tough, but they’ll keep you explosive for the entire season.

Dunking for the First Time

Get your arms involved, even though you’re holding a basketball. You have to pump them and make sure you’re making a sort of “flail” motion when you lift off of the ground. Tons of people claim that they can just jump high and dunk, but there is actually somewhat of a technique to it. If you can jump really high, but not hold onto a ball, you aren’t going to have very much success when it comes to dunking.



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