ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor Review

ASUS VG245H Gaming Monitor Review

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To be honest, it can be difficult to decide on a gaming monitor. There are several tremendous models available. However, it’s fair to say that there may not be one better than the ASUS VG245H. It offers all the goods that gamers need to enjoy a sensational experience. In a matter of moments, everyone will soon find out why this should be their next gaming monitor.

The Display

When talking about monitors, there are many huge factors that can make or break them. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of those factors is the display. After all, that’s the entire point of them. The great news is the VG245H excels in this category. A massive 24-inch, full HD screen makes up the monitor. With AMD FreeSync technology, the gameplay and visuals are incredibly smooth. While the frame rate (a respectable 70Hz) and response time (a great 1ms) minimize the input lag and motion blur for the best experience possible.

If one is very unfamiliar with visual settings, there are also some pre-set modes that will accommodate multiple game genres. Through a hotkey, this can be accessed at any time. During different types of games, this can be a very convenient feature.

It’s Designed for Hours

For health purposes, it’s not a great idea to spend countless hours staring at a screen. This is due to the flickering effect and blue light that comes from monitors. However, what if the monitor had built-in technology to prevent these effects? Well, that’s exactly what the VG245H monitor has implemented. With the use of Flicker-Free technology, which is exactly what it sounds like, this monitor avoids low brightness levels. What happens is when the intensity is rapidly changing, the eye becomes fatigued. So, avoiding low brightness levels will minimize backlight flickering.

Much like flickering, the blue light that emanates from screens can cause eye damage. What’s convenient about the VG245H is that it has a featured OSD menu. This menu allows four different levels of Blue Light Filters to be selected.

Dual HDMI Ports

Most likely, HDMI ports are necessary on a gaming monitor. After all, all modern gaming consoles use HDMI ports to be connected. However, sometimes it’s nice to have access to more than one at any given time. With the VG245H monitor, this is exactly what can be achieved. Instead of having to go through the hassle of constantly switching out HDMI devices, two can be plugged in at once. Unfortunately, anything past two will require switching of the cables. Speaking of cables, the design of the stand provides excellent cable management. When enjoying this monitor, cables will not have to be stared at.

The ASUS VG245H monitor has everything that a gamer needs to have a great experience. The frame rate and response time provide smooth gameplay with minimal lag, the screen size is very large, there are built-in technologies to prevent eye damage, and there are dual HDMI ports to increase convenience. Simply put, good luck finding a better gaming monitor than this one.

However, as not everyone will like this monitor, this gaming monitor is also extremely superb.



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