Allround Home Improvement Tools – Air Compressors

Allround Home Improvement Tools – Air Compressors

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Just a week ago I finally had to buy a new car and also a tractor (yes I know the combination sounds odd) which as you can imagine, cost me a fortune. However, I did need a new car since the one I had was pretty old and it started to give up on me. As for the tractor, I needed it to plow the land at my father’s ranch which is where I actually spent most of my childhood by the way. However, as you can imagine, I definitely needed to get an air compressor since I’d have to not only inflate my vehicles’ tires from time to time, but they’re also helpful for spray painting and many other jobs.

Makita MAC5200

2084615 As you can already imagine, air compressors are one of those allround home improvement tools that you just need to have. After doing a lot of research online, I finally stumbled upon the MAC5200 from Makita. When I first saw this air compressor, I thought that it looked a bit dated in terms of look, but little did I know how powerful and reliable it actually was. For one, I really love the 3 HP engineered pump which is a vital feature when you want to buy an air compressor. As you can expect, it delivers high quality performance without a hitch and I was very surprised it can produce up to sixty point five CFM at about ninety PSI. That is a lot of air pressure.

Rugged wheels

air-compressor-electricNow you may not care a lot about whether your air compressor has good quality wheels or not, but in my experience, this matters a lot – especially if your air compressor is heavy. Since they’re so well made, I can take it everywhere because they greatly improve its portability. Be it on asphalt or on land, the wheels can take everything you throw at them (expect quicksand) and help you take the air compressor along no matter where you need it. What I didn’t expect though was the one year manufacturer warranty that the wheels are protected by. I never actually knew a manufacturer could offer a separate warranty for the wheels, but Makita does. In my opinion, that’s really amazing to say the least.

p1043815regStorage compartment

If you’re like me and you love keeping everything simple and neat, you’ll be happy to know that the MAC5200 comes with a very nice built in storage compartment. You can use it in order to store many accessories, but also air fittings as well. I never really got to use it yet, but I bet it’ll serve me well when I do.

Durability and ease of use

Rolair-JC10-Air-CompressorBefore telling you my final opinion about the Makita MAC5200, I really want to share with you just how durable this unit is. I dropped it many times, used it in the rain and left it out in the cold and it just keeps on working like in the first day I got it. That’s mind boggling. On top of that, it’s one of those allround home improvement tools that’s very simple to use and even though it comes with a user manual, I guarantee you won’t need it.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend this air compressor which can be bought here at Air Compressor Spy to anyone looking for quality at an affordable price. Just make sure you don’t leave it outside and use it in the rain like me, because let’s face it: taking risks with your equipment is not such a good idea.



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