8 Reasons to Start Boxing Today

8 Reasons to Start Boxing Today

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While boxing is a sport that’s associated with fighting in the ring, many people have discovered that it provides a myriad of benefits. It’s gradually developing into a fitness trend because it provides equal parts toning, stress relief, anger management, self-confidence, physical coordination, etc.

Therefore, here are the advantages of taking up boxing and why you should begin incorporating it into your workout.

Relieves stress

Perhaps you fought with your boss or your roommate is getting on your nerves. Whatever it is, you can constructively relieve that tension through boxing so you can go through the day feeling elated. Boxing is all about being in control, staying calm and channeling negative emotions into your next move.

Of course, although it feels amazing to punch that bag and relieve stress in the interim, the flood of endorphins that results from physical activity can help extend the feeling of relief long after you get home in time for episodes of ‘The Bachelor’.

Tightens the core

Boxing is a fun way of getting that six-pack. With each swing, your hips must rotate to pack the highest power behind the punch.

Throughout the duration of your exercise, this frenzied movement will absolutely rip the core, giving you’re a flat tummy and strong core in no time.

Keeps the heart healthy

While working out can help you look your best, it’s also an essential factor to your heart, brain, and bone health.

A good boxing session leaves you breathing heavily and speeds ups your heart rate. A faster heart rate strengthens the muscles of your heart and slashes your risk of developing cardiovascular problems like stroke and heart attack.

Burns calories

Pugilists are some of the fittest athletes around for a reason. And it isn’t because they run on treadmills. In fact, 15 minutes of boxing will burn more calories than running on the treadmill for an hour. Of course, boxing training involves some running, but it uses the entire body in a mixture of intense sparring, bag work, and punching drills that give boxers the upper hand in physical conditioning.

Boosts self-confidence

By taking boxing classes, you’ll learn new techniques and skills and discover your abilities and strength in the sport. As you learn a combination of punches and techniques, you’ll increase your ability in the ring. When you know that you have the knowledge, physical skills, and power to beat other boxers, your confidence in being able to deal with physical confrontations will increase. This will boost your self-confidence to tackle other challenges in your life as well.

Enhances physical coordination

Many boxing techniques involve proper body movements. This may include upper body movements, footwork, and the right postures to add more power behind your punch. Boxing in the gym increases your hand-eye coordination especially when you work with speed balls and punch bags. Sparring sessions will coach you how to duck punches. Even learning how to ride punches to minimize their impact can be learnt through boxing.

Teaches self-defence

There’s no question that learning how to fight will often help you avoid physical fights to begin with. Since a boxer enters the ring quite often, they’re not scared by the prospect of fighting someone and, in most cases, they won’t panic. They’ll be able to find their way out of trouble.

Boxing increases your ability to manage the “fight/flight” effect of adrenaline and, facing a possible fight, a controlled and calm opponent may be quite frightening. If the situation deteriorates, your ability to throw punches and duck them will help as well, as will evasive techniques and defensive postures.

Sharpens the mind

In boxing, both your mind and body must be quick to avoid being punched. Unlike any other kind of sport, you have to think about attack and defense all at once. In addition, you need to overcome a certain fear when you get into the ring. It is the fear of getting humiliated in public. Boxing is a process that builds character and involves mental toughness and conquering some of your greatest fears.

In case you’re concerned about having to visit the gym to box, don’t. You can just stuff some clothes into a pillow case to have a nice punching bag. Moreover, you don’t necessarily have to punch anything to enjoy the perks of boxing; you may punch the air and hold weights.



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