4 Top Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

4 Top Tips To Help You Plan The Perfect Wedding Ceremony

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So, you’re about to get married and are in full-on planning mode. While you may find it easier focus on arranging cake-tastings, dress-fittings, and venue visits, it’s important you give your wedding ceremony equal consideration. Writing your wedding vows and planning time-frames may be aspects of your wedding you’d rather put off, but these details are crucial. Not only does your wedding ceremony set the entire tone for the whole celebration, but it also kick-starts your life together as a married couple. It’s therefore important you get it right. Here are four top tips to help you plan the perfect wedding ceremony.

1. Write your own vows

Writing your own vows is the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to tell each other exactly how you feel. You can get as personal and detailed as you feel comfortable. Your guests will enjoy listening to something fresh and original, rather than the traditionally recited sentiments they’ve all heard before. If you’re not very confident in your writing abilities, don’t sweat it. Any words that come honestly and from your heart will be perfect. To make the process easier and less intimidating, you can start by sitting down and talking to your partner. Speak naturally about how you both feel towards each other while recording it all on a voice recorder. You can then listen back to the recording and use it as a starting point for writing your vows.

2. Arrange a timeline for your wedding photography 

Creating a schedule for your wedding photography is crucial. First, decide upon the portraits you want taken: you and your spouse, your family, and wedding party. You can then choose where to have the photographs done. If you want to use a location away from the ceremony, make sure to organize transport in advance. Also be sure to budget enough time, so it doesn’t hold up your ceremony or reception. If your wedding venue’s a beautiful outdoors location, you won’t need to travel elsewhere for the photography — just like this gorgeous wedding photographed by Blue Bend Photography: http://www.bluebendphotography.com/2016/08/sawyer-family-farmstead-wedding/You’ll need to chat with your wedding photographer to get an idea of how long the process will take overall. Make sure you then tell everyone involved where they should be and at what time for the photos.

3. Be mindful of the length of your ceremony

Aim for a short and sweet ceremony over one too long and drawn out. It’s ideal to plan your ceremony so it runs for about fifteen to twenty-five minutes; you’ll find you can fit everything that needs to happen into this time frame. Traditionally, wedding ceremonies begin upon the entrance of the bride, which is usually followed by readings, the declaration, exchanging of vows and rings, signing the register, and a few closing remarks. Many couples choose to add in extra things like readings, poems, and songs, but consider doing so carefully. Longer ceremonies often run the risk of creating bored guests. The shorter the ceremony, the longer everyone has to let their hair down and have fun at the reception!

4. Remain in the present moment

In all honesty, weddings can often be an overwhelming and anxiety-ridden event for the couple in question. Not only is there a lot to worry about, but you may also not be fully comfortable with being the center of attention. Your wedding day is special and only comes around once. It would be sad for you to miss it because of pesky nerves or worries about other aspects of your plan coming together. Just remember to breathe. This simple piece of advice will help you relax and stay in the present moment. Once you’re at the altar with your partner, focus wholly on them and let yourself feel the happiness in your heart.


Ultimately, it’s important you plan your wedding day carefully so it’s exactly how you want it, but don’t get caught up in aiming for perfection. The more you over-think every detail, the less you’ll actually enjoy your day as it unfolds. Focus on what really matters: celebrating your love and marking the beginning of your lifelong journey as husband and wife.



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