10 Ways to Make a Small Garden Appear Larger

10 Ways to Make a Small Garden Appear Larger

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Transforming a small piece of land into a beautiful garden may seem a daunting task. But, if you employ landscape design ideas used by professionals, you can create a stunning garden, in a limited space. Learn to create an illusion of space, when there are space constraints.

Scale Things Down

6.-Firepit-in-the-centre-Small-Gardens-Blog-Post-by-Bridgman1Large objects in a small garden are not compatible. When you are doing up a small piece of garden remember to keep everything in it small. Instead of using large paver blocks, line walkways with pebbles or gravel. They’re easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing as well.

Make the small space look bigger by planting miniature trees. The same rule is employed to furniture and accents that you might place in your garden.

Gratify the Senses

large-formal-garden-by-judith-sharpe-click-to-close-harpur-garden-663x450A small garden can be made to look bigger by adding a water feature to it. The sound of gushing water and the sight of it affects the senses, tricking the mind to believe that you are in an open space.

Wall fountains work best; they don’t occupy much space and are visually pleasant. If erecting a wall fountain is not feasible you can opt for a portable fountain and set it in one corner of the garden.

The sound of water fosters a sense of calm, soothes the nerves and drowns ambient sounds.

Embrace the Walls

Large-Outdoor-Garden-Design-ImprovementEvery garden needs flowers and lush greenery; but what if the available space does not allow you to grow lots of beautiful plants! A striking landscape can be fashioned by growing a vertical garden.

Vertical gardens work well in small spaces. Use an existing wall or build a sturdy bamboo trellis and grow creepers, to cover the entire facade. This is a wonderful trick to add foliage in a limited area. Additionally, fix planters to the wall or trellis and craft an exquisite vertical garden. Place a no-fuss stone fountain at the foot of the vertical garden and use lights to bring the place alive after sunset.

Pay Attention to Detailing

Small Garden Appear LargerWhen your garden lacks space you need to draw attention away from that by bringing in other facets. The best way to do this is by structuring focal points. You can form one focal point or build a theme that runs through the garden.

A corner of the garden can be spiced up with a collection of terracotta pots or other artifacts. The idea is to make this corner as dramatic as possible. Use items of different shapes and sizes, so the entire area has dimensional depth. Don’t forget to add plants to this setting. Tall palms, ferns and spider plants peeping from between the objects give character to the setting.

Alternatively, you can pick a theme, such as a particular color or material or object and strategically place the same around the garden, for coordinated look.

Design Meandering Archways

small-space-bigger_206149306-580x330A clever way to landscape your garden to make it look bigger is to create divisions. Install archways along meandering pathways, to segregate portions. Curved pathways give the impression of a distance being longer. Archways also create a similar illusion.

Keep in mind that it’s intelligent use of distractions that is the key to good landscaping. The elements you bring into your garden must complement the small space. Let what you design fool the eyes – grow plants in tiers, use flowers to bring in color to your garden, use lot of artificial light at night and don’t overcrowd your small garden.



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